SIR5R Takes Flight

It has taken some time to cultivate my voice and truly find my purpose in life.At first I always believed it would be my love for Beauty culture that would soar me to the top…being a make-up artist I knew I could change lives of women one face at a time.In a moment it became my clear mission to utilize my skills and knowledge in way that helped people creatively embrace their uniqueness as their strength .

Introducing SIR5R. I built a 20 year career in the Beauty industry,working with top brands and witnessing how making someone look good can change their entire outlook on life.. A small change can create hope.In 2001 I found out I was HIV positive and my own hope was gone.Driven into a spiral of fear and shame,I found myself in a battle for my life …This time with drugs and alcohol.With the love and support of family and friends ,today I’m sober and my HIV is undectable.

I began volunteering to provide Beauty services to Oncology clients and witnessed the dignity created by that bit of compassion for chronically and terminally ill patients.My next step was to expand and provide Beauty and grooming events to clients of drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities. My spirit yearned to do more.

“ The moment they first look in the mirror is truly amazing.They see how beautiful they really are”

The vision is simple ,yet revonlitionary: to create a sustainable business providing a world-class Grooming and personal care experience to fund services that would create dignity and empowerment for those in need.The areas of need are chronically and terminally ill cancer and HIV patients and people dealing with long term addiction to drugs and alcohol recovery.

The Beauty and wellness industry is growing as a resource for helping people heal.SIR5R seeks to be on the forefront of that change.

Finding Your Signature Scent - Lashelle's Look-Good Guide

Have you ever noticed that successful people just SMELL like success?  Whether it's out on a date or in an important meeting, finding your signature scent can make a huge difference.

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Men: Dress for Your Size - Lashelle's Look-Good Guide

One of the major mistakes guys make is wearing clothes that are too big or too small.  Here's a tip that'll help any guy look like a million bucks.

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Calm: There's an App for That - Lashelle's Look-Good Guide

Sometimes when life gets the best of us we just need to pause for a second.  I found this great app that lets me do just that.  Check it out!

And if you want to see how identifying your style profile can help you look good, feel good and do good? I want to offer you free access to my men's or women's style archetype videos and a free 20 minute Skype consultation to discuss how we can level up your look.

Men -

Women -

Ditch Those Drawers - Lashelle's Look-Good Guide

Your undergarments are your armor against the world, and in this video I'll talk about the importance of ditching your worn out underwear and how it can impact how you look AND feel.

If you want to learn more about how you can make your outsides match your insides, get free access to my STYLE IS YOUR BUSINESS CARD video and schedule a free Skype consultation with me! Just click https://brandonandsara.clickfunnels.c...

That Damn California Weather...Dress Great in the Golden State

Coming from the East Coast I had the luxury of experiencing four seasons. It was great because of the psychological benefits autumn/winter (soothing and calming) Spring/ Summer (new and exciting). It also allotted a time to really delve into getting dressed with a sense of whimsy and function.

Moving to Cali changed all of that! In California the winters are compared to our coolest October Day back East. Occasionally you will get days of chilled rain or the one week around the holidays were you get 55 degree days and maybe a little wind chill! That being said I've noticed people who live L.A. find it a struggle to assemble wardrobe that meets the unique weather have here in Los Angeles

I've seen some pretty unique things here when it comes to style and fashion in L.A, but the one thing that Stands out the most for me is how many people here do not understand how to dress appropriately for the weather and season. I notice people in attire that spins my head at times!! It's December, 55 degrees, wind is blowing and you're wearing a blazer, scarf and flip flops.  For Christ sake ,"PICK FREAKIN A SEASON!!!!

I've been here long enough to know that the weather fluctuates often but there are ways you can meet the weather here and still look right for the season.  It's all in the deets (details)

Here is just a few simple Suggestions

1. Know what season we are in - no matter if you're the East Coast or West - there may be a climate difference but the timing of Autumn ,Winter, Spring, Summer are the same on both coasts.  Look at your local forecast and pay attention to how the temp changes throughout the day. This will give you a guide on what to prepare for.

2. Know the fabrics that are appropriate for those specific season - retail stores understand the geographic and demographic of the L.A. market and will always have pieces that will work for environment . For instance In November I picked up a T shirt from Zara ( that was short sleeved and made from a light wool knit that was lightweight to be worn on a warmer day and could be paired with another shirt or jacket when it became a little chillier in the evening..great for our "winters"

Understanding how to layer your clothes and pairing them with items that are functional and fashionable . Instead of wearing that wool scarf with your blazer and flip flops on those cooler days. Decide on swapping those flip flops out for some stylish flats. Check out this article from Daily Dress Me .It will place you on the right track and direct you on making better choices.

Understanding the importance of knowing what clothes to wear in an specific environment and its season adds another layer to your style etiquette and respect for your appearance.